Monday, February 05, 2007

Ch ch ch changes

All right, I had a lazy blogger January in attempt to get some perspective on my goals, but first some background to my decisions.

As I have alluded to in the past, I am somewhat of a busy body when it comes to working. I get bored very easily and have luckily chosen a career (IT) that keeps things challenging in most cases. I was not very happy with my last position for most of my time there. I had thought working as a cog in a larger company would have some benefits in specialty. About 6 months onto my employment I had pretty much done what I needed to do and switched into baby-sitting mode.
Fast forward 1 year and I'm on the market again looking for something perfect. I knew this was folly, but I didn't want to make a sideways move for the sake of moving. I was comfortable (placating my mean lazy streak) and occasionally challenged to fix things. Another 6 months go by and I start getting surly and uninspired....I needed to go.
I put some feelers out again, look up a headhunter that I have used before, and tell my geek buddies that I'm looking. I get an immediate response from one good friend who also runs a small consulting business. Dave tells me about a client of his who needs a full time IT director. Dave has done a good bit of work for them, but they need more. His first and only referral is me.
The position is a bit over my documented experience since I have done very little (none) managerial type duties since my first job with a very small company. However Dave's word carries a bit of weight with them, and the applicants they've gotten have been less than stellar.

In the initial interview we do the Title and Salary wrangle, which is a good sign. Although, it is extremely hard to get paid in IT when your function isn't directly generating revenue. This is by no means an IT company, so I have to draw a line in the sand that they aren't thrilled with. The job also doubles my commute, which I am not thrilled with. I am thrice interviewed and loved by all, so we go back to negotiating. They have dropped the director and added manager, which doesn't really bother me as long as I get paid, though they obviously don't want to pay director money to someone without director experience....blah blah blah... Long story short, I give a little and take the job.

My previous company didn't particularly cry when I informed them, it wasn't much of a shock since I made sure at every possible chance to let them know I was bored and underutilized.

So, I've been here now just over a week and things have been about as hectic as I thought. This place is a bit of a mess, and New York belongs in a post of its own.

So, my goals this year are fairly simple giving the change to my schedule and the ongoing issue of funding a poker account.

  1. Don't go broke. - This will be my biggest challenge since I tend to win, then donk and reload on a fairly regular basis.
  2. Win the Mookie and at least one WPBT event. - These are the only regular blogger tournaments I have not won. I won't count the DON's Big Game.
  3. Attend a sanctioned blogger event. I'd really like to put some faces to names at some point. I need to win enough money to get to Vegas this summer, another big challenge tied to #1 goal.
That's it! fairly simple since I have never really set any true goals for myself.

Thanks for stopping by and I will follow this soon (hopefully) with my New York trip report, meeting Jordan and DAWN, and taking down (splitting) my first Hold'em tournament outside Georgia.


mookie99 said...

Congrats on the new job.

HighOnPoker said...

Actually, you met Dawn, but its an understandable mistake, since Dawn goes by another name in the 'real world.'

It was great meeting you. Congrats on the new job. Is that what you were in NY for?