Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Teasing LasVegas

Hi there guys and gals. I'm really trying to supplant my lack of inspiration with something here....sorry for wasting your time, but I need to push myself through something, and this outlet was made for it.

Anywho, I'll flush a few things down the toilet and move on.

WWDN was the usual, seems like I can never make thing happen in this tourney, beats me. I wallowed around 3-6th place for a good bit of time last night, but could never get things going. One hand that still bothers me happened about 30 minutes in. I call a 3x raise from VTepes (Sox wife?) with the dreaded AQ off. The flop comes with queen high and 3 diamonds. My diamond is the ace. I make a continuation bet and am raised. At the time I put VT on pocket pairs, possibly AA-KK. So I call and get a blank. Do I really want to check here???
Well I do, practically announcing my hand. VT puts in a pot sized bet in which pressures me to push or fold.

I fold.

I still think its a good fold against a player I don't really know, and I really wanted to call knowing it was Sox wife. I could imagine him telling her...."he's got nothing but a flush draw, push" But I gave her credit for the Aces and moved on....still bothers me though.

After that I couldn't ramp back up, my raises were no longer respected, and its hard enough to get raises respected in the WWDN as it is. I lasted till around mid pack. But as Kat pointed out, I outlasted Pauly! Weeeee, thanks for small favors.

Kat hit me up in the girly chat to bemoan her end of semester grading. I couldn't imagine wafting through Dozens and Dozens of reports written by 6-12 graders. In fact I think I'd rather eat bleach. Teachers have my utmost respect. It takes a special person.

Newin and I tried to hook up for our 2nd round HU match, but landing in the same $5 table proved impossible on PS. Hopefully we can move to FT as Gracie and I had an easy time getting a table there. I did manage to win the HU game I entered, so that helps.

I also played an 11+1 45 and went home around 15th or so. I'm trying to hit some more MTT's to get some bankroll relief, but it is having the opposite effect.

I'm looking forward to the Mook tonight though I have a feeling my mind won't be on the game. I'm in need of some sleep and don't foresee any anytime soon.

To all the bloggers going to Vegas - I HATE YOU. just kidding. Be safe and travel well. Don't get arrested, rolled, or injured and all is good!

I'll be partying late on Friday and Saturday (N'hood Poker, Christmas Parties) so I'm available for DAS!!!! I BETTER at least get calls from KAT and JO!!! CC and weak have my digits as well, use them.

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