Friday, December 08, 2006

23 is the magic number

It cannot be disputed, don't get me started.


I gave some thought to my play in the 25K all I can say is that is played somewhat unlike myself.... very fucking tight. Crazy heh, I did manage to get lucky after making a horrible play with AJ sooted with around 160 players left.

I had an above average stack of ~60k and am dealt AJc in 3rd position. I bet 4x and villain in the CU thinks for awhile then min raises. This tells me he has Ax or a mid pair. I make a weak call (should I have pushed here?) Flop comes TT(4?) with one club. Raise checks, I push.

Now why I push her is anyones guess, I can honestly say I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish. In my defense, I had seen the Villain get beat calling some bad hands. He came to the table as big stack and had taken a few hits with marginal holdings. I suppose I thought I could bully him, I know for a fact that I thought I was behind, and panicked. Bottom line is I thought he would fold to any bet with a scary flop, and I thought thats what I got. Of course he was just slow playing his flopped quads.

I was crippled and down to ~T5000. I told Dusty 'well 70 bucks ain't bad' almost 10x my buy in. The gods had other plans for me that I said in the girly chat, 'all I need to do is double 4 times and I'm back in.'

That's exactly what I did, to the tune of ~150x my buy in.....crazy huh? I'm expecting at least one DAS tonight I'll be in the basement for poker nite with the n'hood donks.

heee haw

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