Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogger Bowl 2006

And now we have 2. I haven't said a word about it here all season, so I'm sure I'll jinx myself now. I am in the blogger Fantasy Football Superbowl!!!

Heres the matchup:

I may be taking Tatum Bell out this week for Chester Taylor depending on his injury. Shanahan can't seem to make his mind up about anything. I picked up Lienard this week, but I could switch him out for Garcia or Big Ben. I don't really like any of their matchups though. I'm leaning towards Lienard but may switch to Garcia, the philly game just may turn into a shootout.

1 comment:

mowenumdown said...

Great job bro! I will send the money to your pokerstars account as soon as the game is over. The only question is, will you get $80 or $40??? Good luck!