Friday, December 15, 2006


I'm posting today out of obligation. It's been a full 3 weeks of doldrums now. I hate it. I need more sleep 4-6 hours doesn't cut it and it creeps into my behavior. I'm not obligated necessarily to my handful of readers out there (no offense) but obligated to the knowledge that navel-gazing helps me, and I need to post here and get it out.

Tuesday was a blur as I floundered in the WWDN, as of now I don't remember any hand I played or where I ended up....wait thats right, I didn't play the WWDN, but I did manage to play a little at FT later and donk away about 3 bills. The thrill of a decent score was in my head and I wanted to turn it into something bigger. Not to be, yet.

Wednesday was a trial in multiple frustrations as I played a decent game at .50/1 covering all my tourney buy-ins, but got my ass handed to me in the blogger games and the 25K guarantee. In all three MTTs I put my money in ahead and got kicked in the junk.

25K 4 hands in get bullets and raise 4x and get a caller, flop comes with garbage and I push, he calls with 99. Turn brings a nine.

Mook : 88 vs AK Qxx on the flop. I've already raised pre-flop and called a re-raise by the villain. I firmly put him on Ax or worse. Flop comes and I make a pot sized bet villain pushes and I go with my read. Turn is a K. Good call sir!

Mook2 QJ with a medium to short stack QJx flops and I push, big stack calls (correctly) with KK and turns his set. Yay me.

I did manage to blow some steam off playing low limit horse with Budo, waffles and scottMC. Some retard there kept insisting I was gonna bust when I bluffed him out of a big pot with the waffle (24o). How do you call on every street and a few raises only to fold on the river to one more meager bet???? Somehow I made him do just was hawesome. I did manage to leave there down about 6 bucks though since I played like every other hand.

I showed up late to CC's Thursday bash, clearly thinking it was at 10. I ramped up a little but got smoked with a succession of low to mid pairs which I tend to play way too passively. I missed getting points again and need a top 3 in the next tourney to have a chance at scoring some extra cash. I then won my buy-in and then some back playing 25/NL. I promise not to play any more cash above 50/1 for at least 2 months....whew, there...I said it.

I'll be online at some point tonight, the wife has book club. I have minimal fundage in FT and Stars due to paranoia and a need for some spare x-mas cash. I'll settle in to some cheap MTT's and token chases I think. See you around.


drewspop said...

Brian, nice game this weekend. You whipped me good. Mcnabb getting hurt was the beginning of the end. Good luck next week in the final man.

23skidoo said...

Thanks man!

LT is the phucking bomb!