Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday (?)

Tonight is the N'hood card game....$20 SNG's and crazy OH/8 side action....lots of money splashing around....lots of drunken fish. I hope it really is good friday..

Last nite as I was waiting for inspiration to strike, Veneno invited me to a YIM conference. I then remembered it was the final nite of HU3 .
The venue had moved to Stars, so I was compelled to watch and join the little side tourney that Phluxer had set up. Waiting for they touney I played a little 6 handed- 50NL. These are usually fun tables with a good mix of aggressive players and calling statons. Anywho, about 6 hands in I get KK under the gun and make a reasonable raise ~2(no I wasn't taking notes). I get 2 callers and the other 2 kings come on the flop with 2 spades. I hope someone catches something. I check it and it goes around. Another spade. Finally witless victim #1 makes a pot size bet. I think for a second and call. Witless victim #2 calls. The river is a meaningless heart and I check again. #1 makes it $10 to go and I push. He calls and shows the flush....nice. I double up and fly. Thanks goes to WES for the post on Max entry into these games.

So I might have been a little loosey goosey coming into the HU3 side tourney because I gave up alot of chips early. I managed to stick around awhle, up and down. I got the hammer in SB and pushed figuring what the hell. The table was tight as a churchmouse's anus. I get called an two sevens come on the flop...wo0T!! I wish I had gotten a screenshot. So I got to play a bit longer, but went out when my queens got outdrawn by smokeee's KQ. ugh. I went to bed shortly therafter, so I'm not sure who took it down. I'm hoping my homie Weak Player did it for the home team.

Congrats to Willwonka on the HU3 win as well as Fishy McDonk for making it that far.

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CC said...

Just found your site from Change100 mention. Thanks for the link--always good to find another ATL'er. Have a good weekend, and congrats on the nice win.