Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wil Wheaton Weekly

I played in Wil Wheaton's weekly tourney on Tuesday on a whim. I'll have to say it was a good bit of fun. I introduced myself as the unknown donk and was able to prove it pretty early on by calling an all-in with red queens vs AA. I drew a flush and had the whole table needling me about karmic retribution. Eventually i was able to even out the scales. However i had some great cards and was able to cripple CJ and take out a few more. I was moved and was ~10k in chips(15th place i think) I hit the table and landed with 33. I quadrupled the blind hoping to get everyone out and almost accomplished my goal. The chipleader called (treckgal?). The board showed Qhi rainbow and I ignored her 1K bet to make it 3K. She called and instead of backing down, I pushed again and got a re-raise. donk. muck and I'm out 1/3 of my stack. About 2-3 orbits later I'm done for the night in 20th place and I feel like a real retard. OWELL If there had been one more entry to the tourney (100) I would have been able to fold into the money. as it is I'm just another nameless donk who got lucky for an hour or so.

I will play next week though, that was fun.

BTW I'm getting killed this week on my regular tables. $6 and $15 SNG's and .50/1 NL. Even limit sucked...

I'm taking tonight off I think.

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