Thursday, April 14, 2005

No Control

Maybe my wife is right. I couln't stop thinking about playing. I gave in last night and 'just'
played a $5 SnG. What a waste of time. I know better than playing these anymore. Half of the players will bet and go all in on any hand just hoping to get lucky. The problem is that ~80% these are the guys that suck out hands. I play very tight at these games just waiting on the hands to punish the fish. With 6 people left, I get 88 in position just before the blind. There's one caller in the pot and I raise to 3xBB. Small Blind folds BB calls and limper folds. The flop comes 265 rainbow. I make a sizable bet ( i know take more notes.) The turn brings another low diamond card, i don't think the BB is on a straight draw, why would he call the initial raise with a 34 or the like?? I have to admit at the time I'm only really concerned about a higher card coming out. I think BB has an Ax possibly a flush draw. I don't know why I'm thinking this, I just am. I put all my chips in at this point hoping to scare out the draw. BB calls and turns over A 10 diamonds, and there are 2 diamonds on the board. Are you kidding me?? This guy puts in over 1500 chips in on a draw with one card left. I am a huge favorite I think. The river brings another diamond, and I am sent packing.......ridiculous. So many times recently this has been the case. I put my money in the pot with the best hand and get outdrawn.. I just have to stop playing the stupid $5 SnG's its a waste of time indeed.

I can't let this get to me.....a bad beat. I don't think I played it incorrectly, possibly a little slow, which I tend to do when I have a good hand. I need to start winning these hands earlier, and forget trying to maximize my value. Well, no poker until my live game tomorrow. I'm going to do some reading until then.

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