Monday, April 25, 2005


Hey there. I really want to try and keep this up. Though its weird trying...I've never been much of a journal person. Whats weird is that when I was in high school I wrote every day, multiple times a day even. Did that part of my brain die? or did I just get busy with other stuff. There's this 16 yr old kid still inside of me. Desperate, craving approval, yearning for validation. I'm not desperate or unhappy, my wrist sure does hurt though. I hope it clears up soon, I hate doctors.

I spend far too much time in front of a monitor.

I wonder if any long term studies have been conducted regarding constant bombarding of light from a CRT tube. I've spent the better part of the last 6 years in front of a screen, I suppose I am exposed already. Am I serious....who knows, what is serious?
HM....I sound like some kind of ...oh whats that comedian's name.. Richard something...neurotic dude. oh well.

hone the shills
are the nights that young?
looking up, jumping neat like spirals
around the news and reviews
the sites are undeterminable
is it there?

under neath the clothes intrapped
by embarrasement looming inside
yearning want
too much time

under the moon
dancing in spirals.

Cleaned up a bunch last weekend, the wife wasn't speaking to me... but we cleared things up. And the house is spotless. Sha said she's just going to quit talking to me every now and then so that shit gets done around the house. Funny right. she's a card.

Speaking of cards, I'm currently on a decent run at PS...keeping my head above water. I'm organizing a Tourney for OT. Hopefully we'll get enough players forat least 2 tables. I had forgotten how much I liked PS. The play seems to be more steady there. More guys like me who know the rules and follow them somewhat. I'm enjoying the 2 table SNG's. Those take a good bit of time and patience, which I feel is my strong suit. Enough for now. Later.

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