Monday, April 11, 2005


OK Why not participate in a little indulgence of the ego.

Here's the first entry of my weblog, who know if I will keep this up or not.

If anyone happens to read this, I apologize in advance for poor grammar, spelling or content.

I have crusty eyes....

I am going to see the doctor in a few minutes, since i think I may have pink eye. The kids are germ machines I'm telling you. It is now 8:38, I need to be there in about 2 hours. The question is, should I come back?
Let's see, if I have to be there at 10:45, then it takes an hour to be seen I am then done after lunch. Then I need to actually eat lunch....whick makes it 1:30-2 when I am available. Tough call.
Anywho, its a gross way to start off a blog, so I'll move on.

It was a very nice weekend. I went to the baseball game on Friday, got completely hammered, then woke up Saturday morning, in my car no less, and had to go play tennis. We had a very good game 6-0, 6-1. No contest. Maybe I should play hung over more often. Then again, maybe not. I spent the rest of the day trying to feel normal again.
Needless to say I didn't accomplish much on Saturday. Played with the kids. Let Rach go up to the tennis courts to make up some brownie points.
Sunday I hit the ground running; did some yardwork, cleaned out the garage, played with the kids, and was still able to catch a good part of the Braves VS the Mets. Smoltz pitched a great game with 15K's but ran out of gas at the end. Pedro was in control all day and pitched a complete game. Then I watched Tiger hold off Chris DiMarco in sudden death at Augusta. A great day indeed, it was beautiful out.

I was able to fit in some poker on Saturday, I played for a bit on Carribbian Sun, trying to get 500 hands before I run out of money. Doesn't look possible at this point. I dropped ~40 playing 1/2. I should have checked those tables out before depositing. I am more comfortable at .50/1 right now, I I beleieve that effected my play. I played a $5 multi table very well. But went braindead with 25 players left. I went all in on 99 against an agressive player who had QQ. DOH! What an asshole I am finishing 23rd when payouts were going to 20.... I simply wasn't thinking of my position. Then I went to Pokerroom to make up. Placed 2nd in an Omaha $10 SnG and then made a few more bucks at .50/1.. Consistency.Consistency.Consistency.Consistency.

I am so impatient sometimes and I feel myself doing it. Very frustrating, but I believe I am able to analyze my play a bit better these days. I am certainly alot less deluded than I used to be. I play solid poker about 80% of the time, and just need to hone in a little more. I am still on the losing side I believe despide some big nights. I really need to start taking more notes. Possibly this little blog can help me realize where I am truly at, and if I need to stop.

Well, I suppose that is good enough for post1 of ?. I will try to keep this up, maybe add a picture or spruce this page up. Then again.....

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