Friday, April 15, 2005

Move along....

Nothing to see here.

I had a nice nite with the inlaws. Dicussed our vacation plans in May. My brother in law and I will use one night to go to a local poker room for their daily tourneys, yay!

Tonights the monthly game, tomorrow is CASINO night. I'm calm and collected. The monthy game is usually loose with about 3-5 good players involved. I plan to wait it out until we're at least halfway through. I tried that last time with good results, but got a little over zealous when we got down to 8 or so. I just need to remember patience, and not to drink too much. I also have tennis Saturday morning, so I can't be out too late. (famous last words) I'm going to a cigar smoker this afternoon before poker, it shoud be fun and relaxing.

I fear I'm putting too much pressure on myself to succeed tonight. I don't want to play too tight, but I definately can't bluff some of these guys out. Some of them know this and I've used it in the past to mixed results. If I spend the first hour or 2 playing very tight. Hopefully someone will notice and I can use that to my advantage. PATIENCE. Don't get frustrated and give in. I need to stay focused. This is my #1 issue.

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