Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1

Because of my tendency to overindulge in foods as pictured below and the more than occasional adult beverage. I have decided to challenge myself to lose some weight. I've made a few half-hearted attempts in the recent past, but I'm really getting tired of the big fat belly I see in the mirror every morning. Mine's not looking that good either...ZING.

As of this morning I weigh 234LBS. I'll begin weighing myself with pics tomorrow through June 18th. One month. My goal is to drop 15LBS in one month. Geez that's scary writing it down. I haven't been under 220 for several years now. My ultimate goal is 200, but I don't want to set my goal too high. I want to see what kind of changes I can make in 30 days. I'm going to shoot for 2000 calories a day and one hour of light to moderate exercise.

I'm cheating a little I'll admit. I will also begin taking a 'dietary supplement' beginning tomorrow. I may divulge my secret in a month depending on the results.

Today I skipped breakfast and have had about 6 glasses of water. For lunch I had yellow rice and mixed beans and corn with 2 small boneless pork chops. I estimate my lunch was around 1200 calories. I also walked 6 blocks after lunch.

This is now public record, so hopefully my fat ass will stick to it for at least the minimum...wish me luck.

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