Sunday, October 07, 2007


Nothing quite beats the feeling of freerolling into the cash, or taking enough profit that your initial investment is covered.

I have been in a College Football pick contest with 9-11 of my buddies for the past 3 years. We pay $20 a week, winner takes all, per week for 14 weeks. We reserve a little cash for the overall winner and the 'key pick' winner. We take 3 key picks per week, the person with the most key picks at the end of the season gets the extra $.

This week I took my second win of the season! I'm also leading the league with a record of 67-53 and now I'm freerolling the rest of the way....good stuff.

I also got a nice little jump last night on the virtual felt, taking down a $5+.50 45-person ($80 profit) and following that up with a $11+1 sng for a $37.50 profit.

Feels good.

I'm heading out to the city so nice they named it twice at the crack of freaking dawn and will meet up with some old and new friends. Should be a good time.

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