Monday, October 22, 2007

10 things you dont care about.

Thanks for Tagging me Sean. Sorry I just read it a couple days ago.

I'm a bit tired and depressed, so sorry in advance.

1. I don't have any parents. Mom had the C and Dad drank himself there.

2. I was dropped on the head as a baby. Actually I fell down a flight of stairs learning to walk, but if you've played poker with me it's all falling into place for you now.

3. I firebombed my Fergie challenge on FT. Ran great for a month, doubled up. Then went apeshit one night and blew it all. I'm still doing fine on PS though.

4. I very nearly married a girl in the army and moved to Germany. Luckily she got cold feet.

5. My family has a new edition! We adopted a dog from one of our previous neighbors who got divorced. Funny thing is her name is Gracie, which is one of my daughters names. We had to rename her Casey. (No, the dog silly.)

6. I have 2 grandmothers who are 95+

7. I used to write poetry on a daily basis from 15 - 20. I rarely write poetry anymore.

8. My wife is an overachiever, I'm the opposite... lazy. Somehow it works.

9.Coming up with 10 things really stinks in my current state.

10. I am loyal to a fault sometimes. I won't tag anyone since this meme has been around forever.

11. I will feel better once I get a full nights sleep, don't mind me.

Have fun at the hoy tonight, and you be careful out there.


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Let me know when you're ready for your next dog to adopt...