Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Heads Up!!!

I've joined the Heads Up Challenge #4! There are a few spots left, so join in the fun!

I played last year and made it through exactly one hand, yes I'm a super donk! President Dave Lee flopped 2 pair and my TPTK was no goot, so I vow to make it at least 2 hands this go around.

On the other tourney front, I played well in both the Big Game and the HOY the last 2 days. In both games I played very solid poker until one fateful mistake.

I need to make adjustments later in the game (especially when I have a substantial chip stack). I know that most other players know I play a fairly aggressive style. I take shots with non-premium hands when position or stack dictates. I should know by the end of the tournament that people have picked up on my passive aggressive behavior and can manipulate me. This was not the case in either games as I was playing solidly.

In the Big Game, on the final table bubble. I protected my blind against stoner with A4o. Stoner had been stealing liberally and I felt he was just trying to make a move with a weak ace or something similar. flop comes with a 4 and I bet out....Stoner pushes and I KNOW he has over cards, I could have folded, putting me way short, but I felt I was ahead. He shows a sooted A3 and pulls a straight out. I'm not sure if I could have played this hand differently and it just goes out to luck.

In the MATH tourney with 5 left I get TT in the big blind. Wes makes a weakish raise in the CO and I make it ~1k. AKQ comes on the flop and like an idiot I represent the AK and put another 1k out there. Wes insta-pushed with JT sooted. Lucky bastard. In retrospect I should have put him on at least a weak Ace and been done with the hand post flop, but I just couldn't resist the chance to show my agg-donk style. That put me way down and I could not recover.

I was pissed, but I'm feeling better about my game than I have in awhile. I am playing with confidence and my payday will come.... Perhaps in the MOOK!!! See you there.

Just found this too. GO OUT AND VOTE!

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