Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday's gone.

I was cruising along nicely until I ran my Aces into the luckboxes' AKc. He called for the club and got it on the turn. bastard. He had already taken Wil out with KK vs JJ.

In other news I got 3rd in a 1-table 22 on party, dropped a buy in at 25NL, then dropped a half of a buy in at 100NL. Went to PS and nearly quadrupled at 50NL 6 handed. 2 key hands: I had AQs vs JJ xQJ on the flop, one spade...I was the agressor and he was calling. The flush came on the river and he pushed into me. cha ching. Flopped straight with JTc vs KQ-. He was betting, I was gleefully calling. Then i get a phone call and have to make the trudge to work at 1AM, bummer.

I'm feling good about the cash game while my tourneys have gone in the tank. weird.

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