Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I don't want that to be the top post.
I'm such a negative nancy sometimes. Boo Hoo....STFU

Here's a question, How lame is it for 30 something geeks to post poetry?

Approaching lameness factor 12.....

mission assailant
holding off players
the truth sooth sayer
isn't it enough

a fly in hypocrisy
a sly new philosophy
the guns are going off on me
an answer to the bluff

the walls are closing in on you
the silence in the lies are true
the bruise it turns a deeper blue
you wait too long and the chance is through

all of our time is all in vain
and you're shrieking in the pouring rain
your idle time leaves you no gain
a shift in time has turned too soon

so along its gone and down the road
and in the air it begins to show
your feeling the fire burning too low
barreling at you a runaway train

the chance is here, it's yours to keep
don't think too hard it's not that deep
the most expensive lies start out so cheap
start over again and learn to grow

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