Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Halfway there.

And I'm stuck at 230. I figured I might have gained some weight over the weekend, but I was pretty much on a liquid diet, all of it beer. I feel lite total crap today, my head won't clear up and I had hazy hangover sleep last night. I sure hope to get some rest tonight. Today is day 3 of the kids being away. The grandparents took them to the beach for a week which is awesome for them and us as well. Those of you with kids understand I'm sure.

Sunday was really a piece of work. Anytime you have an impromptu fire in your backyard is either real success or failure. I'm not sure where this lands, but if you ask the wife it's borderline retarded. She's a pretty good barometer for that sort of thing and one of the reasons I don't get into too much trouble when she's around. As the story unfolds, there were about 10-12 guys at the house beginning around 1pm. We drank a torpedo of Sierra Nevada and 3 mini-kegs of home brew (Stone Ruinaiton Clone and an IPA). We also managed to go through 2 cases in my fridge, half a bottle of Jager and a bottle of Crown. It was a mean drunk for sure. How we managed to get through it without injury is a minor miracle. Well into it, someone had the idea that the kid's playhouse had to go. Admittedly, the roof was rotting and the girls haven't played in it in 2 years. I got out a sledgehammer and an axe, but the idea of burning the house somehow became the call. I had a moment of clarity and brought down a hose, but that freaking house went up like a match (dousing it in gasoline helps). It got real hot and singed the tree overhead pretty good. Not my finest moment to be sure, but the fire department was never called and no one got hurt, so here's to small miracles.

Also in the fray, our sump pump decided to stop working and a small amount of sewage leaked. So imagine you're my wife... You come home knowing full well that there was a party going on, you walk into your lovely home that for some reason smells like poop and there is a huge burned out area in the back yard where the lovely little yellow house once stood and your husband is nowhere to be found. ( I was at a neighbor's house playing rock band, blind drunk) I managed to redeem myself slightly by getting a plumber over in the morning to replace the pump ($1200!!) and had a friend bring over his Kirby vacuum/steamer. We even watched a movie down there last night, so the smell didn't seep in.

If she wasn't such a saint I'm pretty sure we'd be divorced by now.

You kids take care.

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