Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Hey there kiddles!

I haven't pumped one of these out in a while, so what the hell.

Friday night was my monthly game in the hood. I had a slight scare when I couldn't get into the clubhouse at first. Something was fishy with our 'awesome' new card key system and no one could get in. I called the wife, since she is on the board and she came up and tried to get into the hide-a-key, but that wasn't working either. Finally she had the bright idea of getting a key fob from the lifeguard and it worked flawlessly.

We got the $20 tourney started around 8:30 and played down to 2 players who split. Butch came down to show the n'hood donks how disciplined tight play can win. Even though my 56c sucked out on his KK when I was getting short.

We followed that up with a 1/1 $100 max rotation of OH/8 and NLH. I completely obliterated the table and ended +300 after dropping some cash in the donk wild card games that JewFro likes to play.

Saturday morning came early as the wife had to go take a test and I was working on about 5 hours of sleep and a 12 pack of beer. YAY. MasterP had a baseball tryout for the travel baseball team. His first at bat he got plunked in the left elbow, and that pretty much killed his tryout. He gutted through pitching (not well) for an inning and made it to bat for another try, in ovbious pain.

I'm not sure how these coaches evaluate 9-10 year old talent...I'm really glad I don't have to. regardless of weather he makes the travel team, he'll be signed up for Fall Ball. The kid has an insatiable thurst for playing any sports and to my great satisfaction he is a good ball player and loves watching it too.

We had the Olympics on for the a couple hours when we got home, and he is just amazed at all of it, its really cool to see him so jazzed about these sports. He has a deep appreciation for how good all these atheletes are and really wants to be the best athelete he can.

We spent the rest of the day at the pool as the neighborhood had a luau. There were no hula girls, no roast pig (or poi), and no damn pina colada's or anything. lame
The higlight of the festivities was the dunk tank woo hoo!

Saturday night we finished off by watching a movie at the baseball field. Its all for the kids, you know. We watched Nim's island, which was about cute and stupid enough to make me puke.

Sunday afternoon was spent watching more Olympics and going to spend all my poker winnings on school crap for the kids. They went back to school this AM, putting me back on the early schedule until June. Good times.

PS - Don't forget to sign up for the pickem and head to head leagues before the season starts. If I get more interest in the H2H league I can push back the draft if need be. It is currenlty set for 8/21 at 9:30 PM.

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