Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well I was going to come on and say that I had the damn thing in the bag until some doofus doubled waffles up to let him back in the game.

As always the doofus was me..

4 handed and I have a healthy lead fueled by 5 or 6 KO's and plenty of recockulous beats.

FullTiltPoker Game #7817378285: Blogger Skillz Game (58958097), Table 3 - 500/1000 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 0:12:42 ET - 2008/08/27

Seat 1: SirFWALGMan (13,061)
Seat 3: Drizztdj (5,199)
Seat 5: iam23skidoo (29,830)
Seat 8: PirateLawyer (14,910)
SirFWALGMan posts the small blind of 500
Drizztdj posts the big blind of 1,000
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iam23skidoo [7c 7h Ad 4h]
iam23skidoo raises to 2,250
PirateLawyer folds
SirFWALGMan raises to 7,750 with [Ah 2s 6h As]
Drizztdj folds
iam23skidoo calls 5,500 Hee Haw!
*** FLOP *** [8s 9c Qh]
SirFWALGMan bets 5,311, and is all in
iam23skidoo calls 5,311 I have nothing....surely he's bluffing.
SirFWALGMan shows [Ah 2s 6h As]
iam23skidoo shows [7c 7h Ad 4h]
*** TURN *** [8s 9c Qh] [5s]
*** RIVER *** [8s 9c Qh 5s] [4d]
SirFWALGMan shows a pair of Aces, for high and SirFWALGMan shows 8,5,4,2,A, for low
iam23skidoo shows a pair of Sevens, for high and iam23skidoo shows 8,7,5,4,A, for low
SirFWALGMan wins the high pot (13,561) with a pair of Aces
SirFWALGMan wins the low pot (13,561) with 8,5,4,2,A

DOH! Still I've played 2 of these in 3 or 4 weeks and cashed in both.


See y'all next time.

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