Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So much to say, so much to say, so much to say...

Oy vey, I feel like I'm returning to the scene of a crime. My little corner of the blogosphere is getting cold and dusty.

I have been on ultra mega super secret work tilt for the past 3 freaking weeks it seems. The night before last I had one of my old waiter dreams.

All waiter dreams follow the same premise: I'm cruising along in the busiest section of the restauraunt, busting my ass and all of the sudden I'm in the weeds.

I walked into my section of the restaurant and it had become a movie theater. I had about 12 tables to get to and at the first one sits my grandmother Phronia. She starts asking me about the kids and why I don't call or visit. geesh! Guilt trip to boot!

I'm running aroung frantic, trying to get orders and dealing with bitching customers. When I got to the 4th table, I realized I was having a dream and woke my ass up. I haven't had one of those dreams in 10 years, and wasn't about to have another one.

The good thing about not having many lucid dreams is that when I have one, I can usually guide it or shut it off. But talk about work tilt....ugh I really hate being stressed, especially when the source of my stress is something which lies beyond my control, or is the result of someone else's stupidity, and is sometimes both.

What else....I made a whirlwind trip to NY where I didn't even get to spend the night. I missed the first 2 rounds of Chad's (exKoD) fantasy league. Even though I set up my auto draft picks I was stuck with Rudi Johnson in 5th position (not horrible, but not my first choice) and Ronnie Brown in 10th, who was nowhere near my top 10 picks (wtf). I followed that up with what is turning out to be a very questionable pick of Drew Breeze in the 3rd round.

Needless to say I have woefully underperformed in the first 2 games. I can't manage myself out of it either as I managed to play Reggie Brown over Braylon Edwards in week 2....ooof!

I did manage to play some live cards at Poker Cats arena last week and Friday I had a woefully short .50/1.00 mixed game in the neighborhood. Which obviously turned into a donkfest in which I gave back the stack I had spent the night accumulating. TILT!!

I have been reading blogs all weekend and commenting here and there when I've had time. But now I'm ready to get back on the metaphorical horse.

I've been inspired by Gnome, CC, and Waffles (for god's sake) to reevaluate my poker play for the eleventeenth time this year. I must apply some patience and discipline. These things sorely lack in my life, especially in poker. I'd rather just DO it and take what comes.

No more. I will plan, divide, and conquer.....or I'll take my chips and go home.

At some point today I will deposit $200 into PS (to get some bonus cash), and $100 into FT.

At no point will I enter into a SNG with more than %5 of my roll on a particular site. I will not enter any MTT with more than 3% of my bankroll at anytime.

When I double up and ONLY when I double up am I allowed to play cash tables. At no time will I risk more than 2% at a cash table. I will venture to protect my roll at all costs. I will not play while drinking.

Caveats to this: $1 SNG or MTT is the lowest I will go. I am allowed to play the mookie or the MATH ONLY if I have earned the entry in the proceeding 24 hours. Drinking during the mook is not only allowed, but encouraged.

There's probably a hole in my plan there, I have never even had a bankroll management plan ever, so there ya go.

Any comments, suggestions, or side bets are welcome.

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