Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nerves on high alert.

It all starts when you get about 4 hours of sleep.

You walk into a haphazard environment of fear, dejection, anticipation and curiosity. The only thing that anyone is sure of is that nothing is sure. Your leaders have gone, theres no direction only speculation and promises.

They Say:
"Nothing will change"
"This is good news"
"We are prepared to grow"

You hear:

"Everything will change"
"This is really bad news"
"We are fucked"

So I get to play in purgatory for an undefined time till things fall out in the watch.

I may need one of these:

earlier than expected.

On a side note I'll be headed up to the big apple Jan 2nd - 4th. YAY.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

From someone who has gone through 5 changes of company ownership in 13 years...

Have Faith.

You will be either be left alone or screwed with.

Either way, it is out of your hands.


Let it go. If something big happens it happens... and you will find your way to something bigger and better.