Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In a rut.

It is my semi-monthly poker rut. I have had nothing but horrible results for the last 3 months and feel nowhere near a turn around. The online game has been so very humbling for me, I have repeatedly kicked ass live only to give it all away online. I have no idea why, but my junk is getting kicked left and right and I'm just coming right back to take some more.

It should be no surprise to anyone I am busto again online, waiting for epassporte to replenish my coffer. I just wonder why I keep doing it....bleeding like a stuck donkey.

Sometimes I wish some of you guys weren't so much fun to play with, maybe without the bloggers, I'd have been done awhile ago.

So, if anyone wants to slide some virtual chippies my way until Friday or trade for paypal, then great, cause I'd really like to play the mook and get myself legitimately in the top 50 for the BBT.

I really hate to be a bummer, but my spirits are pretty low right now and it nags at me that I can't pull myself from the funk.

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DuggleBogey said...

Email me at my gmail address and I can hook you up with FTP money for paypal exchange when I get home after work today.