Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Here we are.

We are here.

I am not working on my side project this week after-all, so I played in the Wheetie for the first time in a very long time. I chipped up well early and built a rocky image for myself. I didn't recognize most of the names on my table so it was kinda fun to try a few new things. About halfway in I had to fold TPSK to a stack equal to mine, she wouldn't let go after the pre-flop bet and pot sized just smelled bad to me, or perhaps I'm just a coward.

Things went downhill after that and I went out somewhere around 20th.

Moving along to FT, I played a 18 person peep with Bayne and the token frenzy and gathered up a couple tokens for future use, I also played in one of the daily double tourneys, going out around 120/1200 not to shabby for a donk fest. Of course I followed this up by losing a healthy bit on the cash tables..... and the cycle continues...

On a personal note my lovely wife has officially finished her second year of Law school and will take a much needed break this summer. I can not fully describe my admiration for her, I know the workload she has been under has been grueling, and something that would have made me fold like a cheap napkin. She's also quitting her job, which may put a bit of a financial strain on us, but we'll figure it out. The kids need their mom for the summer and she needs a sanity break. Fine by me. I'll do what I need to do to make it work.

That's just how WE roll, it's a great feeling.

By the way, I'm hosting my monthly neighborhood poker game on Friday, so if any of you ATLiens want to drive out to the burbs and sling some cards, then drop me a line.
2 to the 3 skidoo, thats gmail baby!

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bayne_s said...

That was the strangest peep SNG I've ever played in. The other big stack was an idiot and seemed to want to win the thing rather than just collect his token especially betting a Q hi on river with 6 left and an all in. I think blinds got to point where 4 of you were less than 3x BB