Wednesday, September 07, 2005

kings are better

Played some live shorthanded poker the other night. I really was trying to analyze play, but the beer got in the way..;)

First tourney I won...I got Kings 3 times! Crazy..I hit trips with them once against AK....Remember this is five handed! Nuts. I got a little cavalier after that and tried playing more aggressive than usual. It might work with strangers, but with my friends, they picked it up pretty easily. We have one calling station, that I can never put on cards until he has the nuts. He doesn't win alot, but it is very frustrating when trying to bluff and semi bluff. You just can't with that kind of player.

Haven't played much online lately...sticking with low money tourneys building my stack a bit. I made a deal with myself that I would no longer deposit money this I am picking my games a little more selectively. Late 3 tourneys, I got money...I hope it keeps up. I seem to play a bit better with pressure. Interesting.

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