Thursday, June 09, 2005

a light went out

I just going to post some random stuff, until I can find some sort of direction.
Maybe I can get inspired by something.

Study materials are the wors things ever written. I can not be compelled or compel myself to read this garbage. I am only encouraged to fall asleep. Open a CCNA training material book and tell me it aint true. I want to know this stuff, but reading is the last way for me to learn something. I just need to skip to the tasks I guess, and go backwards.....thats how I've always learned things. Break it and put it back together.

I have a desire to be something..I just wish someone would tell me what it is.

I still havent gotten anything for may Wife's birthday.....

Does there come a tim when your mind just decides to wake up....or do you need to get an alarm clock?

/\ / 0 0

Nope.....Got nothing....

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