Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Allo guys and dolls! I hope everyone had a good weekend of friends, family and whatever else you degenerates did.

My weekend started right with a little bit of poker. I ran 2 $20 tournaments with 11 players in my hood. The first game I played fairly well but got ran down by the chip leader with 4 players left.

I thought he he was making a big stack play and was surprised when he insta-called my push on the turn with a scary board (A4TK). I held KTs and put him on Ax. Unfortunately he held the case Kings.

In the second tourney my flopped mid straight - JTs on a 879 board got outran by AQd when he hit the flush on the river.

Cash is where it's at in my neighborhood game though and we played 1/2 Holdem NL and PLO/8. I ramped up quickly to a ~$150 profit. Somehow I managed to lose it all when the wild card games came out (as usual)

However, I turned my 2nd buy in to a $180 profit for the night and even made it home at a somewhat reasonable 2:30.

I then 'accidentally' logged into FT and played a couple SNG's to disasterous results despite my self imposed hiatus.

Saturday morning I managed to scrape myself out of bed at a reasonable time and took the kids for a hike.

By 5PM I was let out on good behavior to watch the games with some buddies at a nearby pub.

One of my good friends is from Wisconsin, so we had a good time cheering on the Packers. Then the damn Patriots don't cover the late game (DAMN YOU WES WELKER!). On the good side, the over was covered for both.

Sunday I got 2 more losses but still had hope for my longshot 4 over parlay. Too bad the Cowgirls stunk it up in the 2nd half. I take that back, both offenses stunk up the joint.

How can the Colts look themselves in the mirror this morning?? They lost to a practice squad in the second half?? Did the soul of Peyton Manning get switched with Brett Favre's??

So boo hoo, my football bets hit the fan, but it was a nice weekend. The wife and I finished it off by watching a PPV movie called Rescue Dawn.

I don't remember seeing any trailers or ads for this last summer, but it was surprisingly well acted and cinematically beautiful. It was worth the rental, especially with HD PPV.

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