Sunday, January 27, 2008

APBT Cash Game

6 Of us gathered in CC's poker room about 8:15. The players included myself, CC, Kuro, Francase, Butch and my buddy Ben.

We played several orbits of 1/2 NLHE. As predicted, Ben played the aggressive role. I was getting some trash hands and attempting to play them....poorly. I dropped nearly half a buy in playing some speculative at best hands.

I intended to take notes, but decided not to since we were short handed, Ben suggested we throw in some mixed games, and everyone agreed.

I dropped the rest of my buy in on a nut flush redraw on a tricky board. I had Ac3cKdQh, the board had 2 clubs Jx and Ax. I'm pretty sure there was no low draw. Ben made 2 strong bets pre and post flop. I incorrectly put him on a weaker hand and he called my push with JJxx. He dodged my outs and I went digging.

After that I tried to get myself in lockdown mode, but you know I'm a donk. I stayed relatively level as we were playing more stud type games, limiting the pots somewhat.

My highlight of the night was catching my open ender on the turn in pineapple vs Francase and stacking him. I wasn't able to get my buy in back, but I had a great time with the competition and the mixture of games.

I really hope we can keep this up, I honestly believe there is hope for me if I can limit some of the stupid mistakes I make.

So, lets throw some dates out for February. Friday the 5th is my Neighborhood game, other than that I'm relatively open. Perhaps we can play on a week night too. I can host anytime, I can drive too, so lets start throwing out some options men!

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