Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wake up call

I came into WSP palace about 7:10, determined I would not be too early like last time. I was greeted by 3 unknown faces.

One belonged to the recently famous Rooster, one a WSP newcomer, and the other was Darko, a WSP regular. LJ was on the other side of the table as I walked in, standing next to Jamie.

After just a few minutes J, another WSP regular and Jordan came in. J horsed around with the Wii for a while and Rooster and Darko wanted to get it going.

I was downing my first of 2 energy drinks as I was dog tired from staying up too late drinking then working all day.

Eventually we got started and the action ramped up quickly as Joaquin was getting in the mix with large raises. About the 6th hand of the game I was dealt AKo and re-raised Joaquin $400 on a $150 raise. Blinds were 25-50.

I intended to buy the pot right there, but got called. The flop came with blanks and I bet out of turn. I honestly was not trying to shoot an angle or anything, I'm just an idiot. I managed to act out of turn one or two more times in the night. I'll just blame it on sake and lack of sleep.

Long story short, Joaquin folded, and I moved to muck my cards, but accidentally hit LJ's hand or arm and my cards were exposed. I can't decide if I just gained or lost respect, but oh well.

Shortly into the 2nd level LJ pushed AKo into Jaime's QQ and did not improve. She felt really bad and actually had work to do, so she left early.

Joaquin was having a tough time getting traction against a pretty tough table and ended up pushing A6h into my AKd. I managed to turn a K and Joaquin hung for a bit to deal for us.

Into the 3rd level I made a horrible preflop call vs Jordan. At the time I had a fairly healthy stack, only second to Jamie I believe. I re-raised in mid position with QJd. Jordan had made a min raise in front of me and I wanted to thin the herd.

Back around to Jordan and he pushes another ~2000. More than half my stack at the time. My brain completely forgot what to do. I couldn't put Jordan on anything, though looking back, it's obvious he was looking for a re-raise to push against.

Well, I just couldn't lay it down regardless of the fact that I'm clearly behind in this situation. At least I announced it was a bad call, but did it anyway and faced Jordan's QQ. I flopped a Jack, but diamonds were not my friend and I couldn't catch a 3rd Jack.

That hand really set me back and sent me spiraling. I went into push mode and managed to get some momentum in the 4th or 5th level.

I had another interesting hand vs Jamie when he made a big bet with AT and I pushed from the small blind with AJ. Too bad Carol wasn't there.
The flop came with AK5, then the T hit the turn, but I was saved by the K on the river. Suck resuck! woot.

Blinds were catching up to me, I bluffed Darko off a pot then he pushed the very next hand with 74d and I called my 99. Yeah, he caught 2 pair....awesome.

I still had a few chippies left but fate was not on my side as I pushed A5 against Jamie holding JJ. Despite the Ace on the flop he caught a 4 flush by the river and I was done.

Next we played NLHE for 2 orbits and 2-4 OH8 for 2 orbits in a rotation. I played well and got a few chips to play with, but I'm so passive in OH8, I managed to lose another $15.

I still call it a win, cause nothing beats having to go out of town on buisness and being able to meet up with friends and play cards, chat, and possibly get shitfaced on sake.

Cheers Folks! See you soon.


HighOnPoker said...

I thought I raised to 3x the BB, but you may be right. I don't min-raise often, but I did it at least once last night, and it may've been that hand.

23skidoo said...

It's very possible it was 3x Jordan. I beat myself up over than hand for a while. Maybe I'm subconsciously trying to justify my play.