Friday, January 11, 2008


Yea! It's my monthly poker night in the donkahood. The worst part is I'm missign 'real' poker over at Kaja's house. Best part is, well donks + expendable $ = yay me.

Yes, sometimes I've been kicked in the junk in my neighborhood game, but I can usually count on a win in the 'hood. Wish me luck.

I'm still recovering from 3 days in New York, horribly poor sleep and a diet thart is making me grumpy 2-3 hours after eating.

I'm heading home a bit early so I can chill with the kids and mentally prepare for cards.

I hope you have a good weekend, and if you're like me and love to bet the playoffs, here are my picks:

Green Bay -7.5 AND Over 43

New England -13 AND Over 50

Indianapolis -9 AND Over 46

Dallas -7.5 AND Over 47

Yeah, all favorites and all Overs, I may be cliche' but at least I'm consistent. I'm betting the 4 games separate and will try to hit the longshot OVER parlay weeeee!

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