Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bright Lights, Big City

When we last saw your hero he was deep in the grips of massive travel tilt.

Fast forward a few hours and your hero is calm and relaxed. It's amazing the effect a nice glass of scotch can do.

My esteemed host was nice enough to meet me in the lobby of my east side hotel. We slugged down the overpriced beer and headed towards Grand Central. We landed in a tucked away corner of Grand Central Station. The room was somewhat dim, with deep gold and garnet coloring. It had wooden accompaniments that were a mixture of middle-eastern or Moroccan with a turn of the century feel. I was under dressed.

I got back to my hotel room just an hour or so earlier and could not wait to get off the clothes I had been wearing all day. New York was unseasonably hot and I had been dressed for winter. Yes, a change of clothes was due.

I stood on the comfortable deep-ruby colored carpet and lightly sipped my 12 year old scotch in my jeans and t-shirt. At least I kept my dress shoes on. It was a nice peaty start to my semi-debaucherous night.

Our hostess arrived minutes later and the night began.

We finished our first drink and headed to the obligatory Irish pub close by. They had a decent crowd in the place, but it was easily one of the largest pubs I've been in in New York. They had Harp on tap and I was totally with it. I wub me some harp. 3 of those and a girly shot went down and my hosts had some really crappy looking bar food.

LJ was going on about a sushi and sake bar close by and I said....yum! lets go!

We wandered into this office building and headed to the basement, weirdest entry ever. Although there must be a location/coolness ratio formula for places in NY that I'm unaware of.
If its hard to find +coolness
Crazy Expensive ++ coolness
Similar Quality to what I can get in Cumming, GA at half the price -- coolness.

I keed, I keed.

It was a really nice place that happened to have the best snapper I've ever had. In retrospect, I just don't think you can possibly make a bottle of sake worth $100+. What do I know though, I'm a sake newb.

We proceeded to get good and lubricated and I luckily did not have to experience the waiter's horrible breath.

Now I know things are cooking, cause I'm forgetting details, but the last place we ambled to was another Irish pub on the way towards my hotel. More beers and shots were had and some evil person whipped out their camera, bad news. It is my goal to relieve said person of those pictures this evening.

I had a great time yapping it up and gallivanting through New York's east side with folks who know the ++cool places to go. Thanks LJ and f-train!!

I've got WSP starting in a mere 2 hours!! Wish me luck.

More later...

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