Wednesday, January 16, 2008


AHhhhh live poker rules. I have done my part so far this year, trying to play more live poker.

I've now played at PokerCats arena twice, in my 'hood once, and a trip up to Wall Street Poker, so 4 games in 2 weeks is awesome, but not a rate I will be able to keep up. I will be happy if I can play 2-4 times a month.

So in PokerCats arena we play a low-limit mixed game that I absolutely love. I REALLY enjoy playing a variety of games.

We throw in our share of Hold'Em and a healthy dose of OH/8 added to the mix is StudHi, Stud Hi/Lo, Razz, Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple, Bagdugi, and Triple Draw. Then we have the invented games of Northern Pineapple (4 cards and 2 rounds of discards), Double-Flop and reverse flop Omaha and Holdem, and BagduCi (triple draw split with a bagdugi hand).

Playing such a variety keeps me on my toes (sometimes). I got caught playing the lo in Omaha Hi on one hand last night. Despite my best efforts ( 3 buy ins) I managed to profit 2 1/2 buy-ins last night. I tend to play about %60+ of the hands dealt, so my results are expected to be a bit variancy. Its always a ton of fun though.

So we've been throwing out tentative plans for a regular $200 max Holdem cash game. Between myself, Kuro, Kaja, Surf, Weak, CC, BrainMc, and the various non blogging poker players each of us know we should be able to get a regular game going.

I'm shooting for twice a month starting in February. Each of us have the capability to host ( not sure about Weak), so we could rotate hosting duties.

An important addition to this series would be that we all would do our best to take notes and share ideas on some of the hands observed and played.

Of course the notes could (should) be posted on our blogs as to provide insight into thought processes and hopefully expand our abilities.

I think it could be an extremely useful tool in opening up each other's games. Your input is greatly appreciated.


kurokitty said...

Just wait til the $200 Big Game devolves into mixed-game format... lol

Butch Howard said...

I would definitely play.

I might even be able to get out of my hermit ways and host a few.