Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vacation Synopsis and looking forward.

Almost 2 full weeks....ah it was so nice. I can't recall the last time I had that much time off from work. Seriously, I probably haven't had 2 weeks of not working since the early nineties...sad.

Anyway, I had a huge post in mind where I went over the festivities, but I just don't feel like composing all of it now. So I'll write a synopsis.

12/21 - Did all my Christmas shopping, met up with some old restauraunt buddies and got hammered.

12/22 - Recovery and Festivus Party, got plowed again.

12/23 - Recovery, Church, Present Wrapping, and Football.

12/24 - Food Prep, Mass, Christmas at the in-laws.

12/25 - Santa came, kids got lots of stuff, we had food at Rach's aunts house.

12/26 - My crew comes to dinner, I make the best Turkey EVAR, kids trash the house.

12/27 - I make turkey soup. We clean. I reschedule my 1/2 trip to NY, cause no one will actually be in my office.

12/28 - Family Poker night. We have lots of family over, I run a poker tournament, I'm gigli in the first one and Rach wins. I win the second one, then donk most of our winnings playing cash once I can't see straight.

12/29 - Recovery, Cleaning.

12/30 - Church, New Years Prep and my sister's girls spend the night. We are having people over AGAIN tomorrow!!?!

12/31 - Happy New Year!! I fall asleep on the couch while my wife subs for me in beer pong. Talk about degenerates...

1/1 - Recovery, Football. GA wins!!! So do I!!!!!

1/2 - I manage to make it to work, but don't actually do anything.

So there ya think I might have a drinking problem!?!?!?! Nah.

I did get lots of quality time in with the kids, my wife, my friends, and my extended family. I truly enjoy the amount of time we spent entertaining.

My 2007 goals fell a bit short, here they were:

  1. Don't go broke. - This will be my biggest challenge since I tend to win, then donk and reload on a fairly regular basis. FAIL
  2. Win the Mookie and at least one WPBT event. - These are the only regular blogger tournaments I have not won. I won't count the DON's Big Game. FAIL, although I did take 2nd in a WPBT HORSE event and 3rd in a live blogger event.
  3. Attend a sanctioned blogger event. I'd really like to put some faces to names at some point. I need to win enough money to get to Vegas this summer, another big challenge tied to #1 goal. PASS! I went to Okie-Vegas which in my humble opinion is far cooler than regular Vegas.

So looking forward, I'm going to try a few things.

The past year of playing online has humbled me immensely. I finally have decided that I just can't beat it. It is simply not in me. The patience, the dedication, the study, the grind. I can't do it. I'm not wired right.

I do want to take my live play to a new level though. I want to make it less of a social escape and more of a study of psychology. I feel like I do have an edge over the typical player live. I can still tend to be wild, but I'm more connected to the game live and feel like I can more effectively operate that way.

As of right now I can't say whether I'll play online anymore, and I can't say I feel that bad about it. I currently have an agreement with the wife. She has always had problems with the amount of time I spend on the computer.

In the past I have ignored her needs and did what I wanted. I realize its not fair, and will begin to temper my desires and pay more attention to our relationship. Any good marriage takes time and commitment and I realize I have failed in my part in the past.

In that vein, we have started a "Biggest Loser" contest with some friends and family. We will have a contest to see who can improve their BMI by the most for the next 8 weeks.

I will finally have some motivation to eat better and shed 10 - 20 lbs. I'm getting older and my body isn't metabolizing food the way it used to. I simply can't keep eating like a pig, unless I want to be one. I'm too vain to let that happen, sorry.

So, Poker related Goals for 2008:

Increased successful live play and concrete bankroll tracking.
Attend Okie-Vegas.

Personal Goals for 2008:

Pay attention to diet and exercise - lose 20LBs and keep it off.
Give more time and effort to family.

Simple goals again, once I can get 2 -3 goals per year maybe I can expand.

I'll REALLY be in New York next Monday through Wednesday, so hopefully I can hook up with some of the New York crew while I'm there.

You all have a great New Year, see ya!

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GaryC said...


I am very flattered with what you had to say about Okie-Vegas,believe me, but you have to also trust me when I tell you that you need to make at least one of the winter gatherings. They are entirely too much fun and just like OV, except you get to hang out with even more like-minded degenerates. Please tell me you will try to make it.

As far as your goals for this year, stick to them and you will come out on the other side a better person for having done it.

Hang in there bro.