Friday, May 14, 2010


I was lazy yesterday and didn't bring my lunch, so I decided to go out around 1:30 when I could barely think straight. It was particularly beautiful yesterday afternoon and I decided to take a nice stroll to a place with a patio a few blocks away. This particular place has a decent menu and a great selection of beers on tap. Perfect for a long lunch on a sunny patio right? I ordered my salad (!?) and perused the menu, slowly talking myself into ordering a draft .  I believe it was Bell's Hopslam that they had on tap that was getting me jonsin'. Nevertheless, as I was getting the bartendress' attention my work phone rang.

Long story short, I had to scarf down my salad and ditched the idea of a long beer fueled lunch. Now this is where it gets weird.

As I was briskly walking back to the office I had the uncanny feeling that I had a buzz, that I in fact had a beer or three before leaving the restauraunt. I couldn't shake the feeling for a good hour, it was like I had an acid flashback with beer....weird stuff. It probably means my liver is saturated and I'm dying, but I'll just chalk it up to psycho-somatic drunkenness. Weird eh?

Well this weekend is shaping up to be boundless fun. First there will be poker played tonight! Weeee! First live cards since I went to NYC last month. Sham is hosting a HORSE tourney and I'm sure there will be shenanigans.

Tomorrow I'm hosting my tennis/beer group and we will be making a Lager of some sort. I even secured a torpedo of Sierra Nevada for the festivities.

Sunday I'll be making up to my family for being an absentee dad for 2 days. I hope they are gentle with me.

You kids have a good weekend, see you soon.


sirfwalgman said...

DT's? I always thought when i was a kid if you did too many drugs or too much alcohol your brain could get damaged to the point that you forget that you are taking drugs or alcohol.. maybe that is what happened to you. You are constantly drinking but your brain has blocked it out.

23skidoo said...

Could be....but I've been drinking for 20+ years and have never experienced that kind of 'flashback'.

Yea, I'm definitely dying.

donnie said...

nice sounds like a lager fuelled yet relaxing 2 days and good to see your getting in a bit of cards. its nice to get away from all the hassles of life from time to time! enjoy.