Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 11

OK, now I'm a little pissed. Can't a guy deviate just a little??? 231 this morning. I let the wife talk me into going to eat Mexican last night. I looked over the menu and found no 'healthy' options, so said fuckit and ordered what I wanted. I'm not giving up dammit. I'm over 1/3 into this and I must succeed. Time to start burning calories more... there is no miracle pill.

In other news, I flamed out in 27th in the MOOOOK last night and my big bro played. His exit was sealed up against the mighty 2-4. I had a blast listening to Buddy reminisce about the good ole days. Thanks for entertianing the donks for 3 years. Oh and I cashed in the DOOOKIE too, turbo razz is painful.

You kids have a good long weekend, it's not going to do my diet any favors I'm sure.

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