Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 3

231.5 this morning. Essentially I'm starving myself, and I know this is no way to build towards long term health. HOWEVER, I'm shedding some pounds before I really begin to worry about it. First a little blah blah and I actually have some poker content today!

I had to have some caffeine this morning. I'm so weak, but mmmmmm coffee.

Yesterday afternoon on the way home I got a call from one of my happy hour crew, who am I to deny the call?? So 3 beers there and I 'made up' by having just a piece of frozen pizza and some water for dinner, oh and another beer....weak. 3 days in and I'm already seeing a pattern. In my defense I really haven't been hungry. Even with the beer I calculate I had about 1800 calories yesterday. Not good.

Today I brought more tuna casserole and added a big helping of broccoli. I also brought some almonds to mix with the sunflower seeds.

I took some pics this AM, but will not share them. Trust me you don't want to see my fat ass. Maybe I'll do a before and after though. Here's a pic of me and my youngest and the scale this AM.

And now for poker.

A month ago I swore I wouldn't make any more deposits to online poker. I was pretty good until I finally ran out of money and fpp's. Monday night when I couldn't sleep I threw some cash on the poker machine and nearly blew my wad on super turbos. I clawed back and made a small profit, then closed up FT and vowed to get the $ back off. I had every intention of doing so last night, but I figured I'd just see a few hands of RRRUUSSSHH to try and get some rakeback and play only the nuts. I'd only need 32 hands to get my fill.

On the 11th hand I made a small raise in mid position with ATo and got one caller.
I bingo'd on the flop of TT6 rainbow and checked, villain checked behind.
Jc hit the turn [ThTc6s Jc] and villain lead out with $19 (pot), and I took my time and reraised to $42 which the villain calls.
Villain check-folded to my $100 bet on the 2s river and I take a nice little pot.

Hand 15 I got KK in early position and raised to $8. (too little?)
I flopped a set and made another $8 bet hoping to get a raise. villain complied by doubling my bet and I reraised to $42.
Villain let it go and I took another small pot.

Up about $80 bucks and I was ready to book a win when on hand 17 I got AA UTG +1. I raised to $9. (I've played so little lately I'm pretty sure my betting is weird, but I'm really not sure what to do there.)
Villain in late position called and I bet pot on the [4c5h3d] flop. If that's not an AA busting type flop then I don't know what is.
Villain raises to $42 and I reraised to $78 in hopes of taking it down there and held my breath.
Villain almost timed out (warning) at that point but showed QQ when I called his push. I faded his 2 outs and doubled up.. weee poker is easy.

I ran my $160 up to $434 then lost a little with 2 pair when some dunce couldn't lay down a straight and flush draw. I then folded a few more hands before booking a $237 profit in about 15 minutes....good stuff.

So what does 23skidoo fresh off some new found money??

Fear not, I withdrew that shit, you kidding me?? See you soon kids.

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