Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I don't want to go to school anymore!

What the hell is it with the schools and all of the freaking parental participation crap?? I send my kids to school for you to teach them useful things like math, and geography and not to sing some crappy DrSeuss montage at 9am or make a freaking tiki party with juice and cookies at 2:30pm!! wtf! Just teach them and send em home. I promise that I do actually talk to them and participate in thier life. I DONT NEED TO TAKE TIME OUT OF MY DAY TO COME TO SCHOOL AND SEE THEM. good lord. I dont EVER remember my parents coming to schol for 4th freaking grade graduation or any other crap at 10 am requiring them to take  a day off from work. Do teachers even have the basic understanding of how they are paid?? We work, we pay taxes. You teach my kids and GTFO. Thank you.

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