Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend wrap up

Ok, I know it's a day late, but I took yesterday off. I had to get some work done on my car. I had a really nice day with the family. I got to take a nap, I mowed the lawn, went to the pool and went out to dinner with the family the perfect Sunday...except on Monday.

The wife and kids got home Friday, just as the Donkament was starting, so I donated my one buy in and had to leave. It was great to see them especially since they were supposed to be home Tuesday night. My mother in law convinced them to spend a few more days at the condo, which really isn't hard for the kids as they get to stay up late and generally get spoiled on vacation.

We caught up for a little while and everyone went to sleep. I was particularly exhausted because I couldn't force myself to get in bed before 2AM the entire week.

Saturday I drove down to my brother's house to help him move. There was a brief period of time that he was considering moving to Phoenix, but they changed their plans and bought a new house in Newnan, which feels as far as Phoenix if you ask me.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house and getting ready for my cousin to bring her kids to the house. They stopped in the ATL on the way south of the gnat line, and my wife invited them to spend the night. So we cleaned up, went to the store and invited my sister over to have a cookout. I fired up burgers and dogs and we all stuffed our faces.

Today is the 36th anniversary of my birth, but don't tell the bartender at the Crow's Nest in Norman Oklahoma please, one ass whippin' per month is plenty.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to NY to meet with Jordan, F-train, and hopefully a few others. Oh, and I'll be doing some work there too.


Wwonka said...

Happy Birthday!



Maudie said...

Happy annibirthsarry!