Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have lots to post about (I think) my brain is returning to a somewhat untoxified space, thankfully.

One thing I want to get to before OK is not OK.

Michael Vick

I'm not the biggest supporter of his before the latest clusterfuck, in fact I am somewhat neutral to him. I thought he had tons of promise, but it turns out he has a brain the size of....well you get the point.

This guy was given the keys to a franchise and hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to simply play, I'm not sure if it even mattered if he played well. Obviously it wasn't enough, he had to 'keep it real' raising dogs to fight each other for one or two thousand dollars a pop.

Really? REALLY?

How does a man who has been blessed with legs of a gazelle and an arm full of gunpowder end up with the head of a knat?

Mr. Vick's days in ATL are finished, and I can't say I'm all to broken up about it. I think he may have been more of a distraction that benefit to the Falcons. Not that we're better without him, far from it, but at least we can move on from the spectacle and disappointment and become something to root for.

Here's to hope.

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