Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Okie-Vegas Pt.1

I began my journey with the intention of taking notes whenever possible. This worked out great until I actually got on the plane to Oklahoma.

I'll write up what I had noted Thursday morning and will have t0 fabricate the rest from my whiskey and beer addled brain.

10:38AM Thursday

My second beer at the ATL airport. Watching John Daily tear the course up.. he will find a way to blow up I'm sure.
I have one more hour till I leave to OKC

Time goes by
so slow
when the minutes drag (bonus points for recognizing the tune)

I have 500 bucks in my wallet and images of so much more. I want to win, I just need to put myself in position to do so.


I'm glad I got here early. I got to check in (45 minutes before boarding) and they have moved my gate..into another terminal.

If you have ever been to the ATL airport you know the place is ginourmous, and it takes awhile to get from here to there. Well I hopped on to the monorail and whisked away 2 terminals. I get to my new gate and get my seat assignment (2A SCORE). I still have 30 minutes to board.

So I get beer #3, I make it a Bud Light, y'know since I'm pacing myself.

I just want to get there already....time is fucking crawling.

And those were the last notes I took for the weekend.

I landed in OKC expecting party favors, streamers and a marching band.. .No such luck. I roamed out the terminal and I didn't see anyone. I expected to recognize Surf, but no one was there....shit.

I cruised down the ticketing counters and saw surf's back and the ponytail of who I assume is gcox. So I ninja'd my way behind them and asked casually "Anyone know where I can find a poker game around here?"

And it was on...I gave hugs all around (I'm a hugger too g-cox, its alright) and we were off to the cars.

We headed over to Maudies place and agreed that food was in order. I was anxious to try some of this famous chicken fry of theirs and hope they have greens and black-eyed peas to go with it.

As we were walking in to the place, it didn't look like much. Being from the south I take that as a good sign. In very many cases the best places to eat don't look like much from the outside.

I also noticed this older looking gentleman coming out that bared a very striking resemblance to Barry Switzer. I nearly said something to the group, but it happened too fast and I'm to weak/tight socially to a actually blurt out "Hey that looks like Barry fuckin' Switzer"

Turns out it was....doh.

I ordered the chicken fry plate with corn (no greens :( ) taters, white gravy, and a small salad.

The damn thing came out on two plates and a bowl....geez.

I very nearly scarfed the whole thing down, but I threw in the towel, or napkin as the case was.

I'm officially stuffed.

We rode back over to Maudie's and played a little SNG to get the juices flowing. I managed to take everyone out...except Maudie and offered a chop, I soon found out homie don't play that and she ran me over...

Finally after a few 'stones and an SNG everyone is ready to hit the Riverwind casino and jump in to a 1/2 no limit game. I got kicked in the junk early on (thanks george!) and had to make 2 half rebuys in the first 2 hours or so.
Time was irrelevant, like in any casino.

I got back on track by busting Gary's kings with sixes and then flopping another set on the very next hand. I was soon over 3 buy ins and adequately lubed since the waitress was loving my 2 dollar tip per beer. I swear I lost a buy in Toking the dealer and buying beer and shots...all in the name of a good time.

My highlights of the night were the set vs gary, bluffing Maudie and Gary Carson, and Rivering an Ace when I had AK vs KK. I'm pretty sure I donked half a buy in to oosssuuu too, but things are a bit fuzzy by that point.

We all cashed out and I ended up around 150 but had a great time, mixing it up with my new friends.

We hit the taco stand on the way home and totally destroyed a big bag o' tacos when we got back to Gary's house.

George and I headed back to the motel and found I got a queen bed...doh, it was too late to change so George and I cuddled till we fell asleep. (just kidding...keeping you on your toes here)

Believe it or not I didn't sleep well, over exhaustion? excitement? tacos and beer? george the snorebox? who knows, but by 7am I was ready to go, but tried to let G sleep since I knew he had a rough day driving.

Little did I know that would be the last time I'd see my room for the rest of the weekend.

We made our way over to g-cox's house and I wanted some FOOD! I coaxed trip (ok probably didn't take much coaxing) to come to Denny's with me while the others were waking up and getting ready. I also grabbed a Mac power adapter at CompUSA, (85 bucks!)..thieving bastards. But I know I'd want the laptop for Tournament Director and a movie on the way home.

Unfortunately Jordan's flight got cock blocked and we'd have to wait till 2 to pick him up. We couldn't ride jet ski's at the lake but we could certainly bust out some tunes on the karaoke, much to the horror of everyone who had to listen to me 'sing'.

end part up the lake.


F-Train said...

Fun weekend, eh? Let me know if/when you'll have time in New York. We can hit a few bars and maybe grab J-Dog if his wife lets him out.

katitude said...

So great to finally meet another dial-a-shot partner! I had so much fun :-)

Maudie said...

You're one intimidating poker player - no-one was more surprised than me that I busted you out of the sng - ha!

I'm already looking forward to next year and am glad you had a good time in Okieland.