Friday, July 27, 2007

Okie Vegas - The Main Event

I was seated at the all blogger table, Tournament Director randomized all of Gary's buddies on a table with F-train and Jordan....they must have been licking their chops. No offense to Gary's friends, but they had to be out matched (except possibly Mike) by everyone else at the table.

Surf was in seat one, then Kat, George, Maudie, Me, TripJax, and Gracie. I was really glad to be in front to Trip, since I figured him to be the most aggressive player at the table.
Everyone immediately took the rebuy, and asked the chip denominations about 12 times apiece, so I chilled in the rocker with the chip cheat sheet on my face for a few minutes.

I was still feeling rough by then and intended on drinking my hangover away, but I decided to wait.

Everyone seemed to be playing a little snug (bloggers are weak/tight) and I splashed some chips around, confronting Maudie on a few occasions and taking a nice bite out of trips chips with a straight. I stayed out of big pots for the most part and picked good spots. I felt real good.

We lost oosssuuu first, and Bill second, both at the other table. I was correct in assuming Jordan and f-train would be playing a lot of pots over there.

Kat crippled Gracie and I took her out ( Where's my PEZ dispenser!!!!)

The other table lost G's buddy Jack and I was corralled to the other table. I really did not want to move, but that's how it worked out.

I moved to table to in the SB, with Mike to my left, then yestbay, f-train and jordan.

I tightened back up a bit and waited to combine tables. I had to fold a lot of hands behind f-train and Jordan, but I maintained my stack until we combined.

Maudie got blitzkrieged by a 4 flush administered by Kat back on the other table and We redrew for seats on the final table.

f-train, jordan, and I essentially stayed put. Surf got the 1 seat followed by Kat, myself, trip, mike, gcox, yestbay, f-train, and jordan

Trip was severely short stacked and went out fairly soon.

I took gary out on a flopped set and doubled up yestbay on the same hand when he rivered a higher boat. Live poker is so rigged. I would have had a nice lead after that hand.

George rode the short stack well, I managed to double him up, but he was taken out (i think by kat) next. The final okie local, Mike went out next.

Yestbay came out of his shell after that and restole a couple pots from me, I believe he was responsible for taking out f-train, but I'm not sure.

The bubble had burst. I outraced Jordan to take him out. 3 handed I was the shorty after another brutal beat that I have erased from my brain. Kat finished me up with IIRC Q6 vs my sooted Jackace.

Heads up didn't take very long as Kat played a really good headsup game, putting tons of pressure on yest. Her 2p beat him in the end.

Overall I think the tourney took a round 7 hours. G-cox's structure was a little slower than I was used to, but I liked it. It allowed for a lot of play.

And that pretty much sums it up, a good time was had by all I think.


katitude said...

"Kat crippled Gracie"

dammit, I think I should get that HAWESOME pez dispenser!

peacecorn said...

It's in the mail!