Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up and a favor for Otis.

Here's the favor for Otis:

Check out this blog!!! Hairy Gymnast

Not much pokery exitement this weekend, played on Friday night for too long and stacked myself again playing 55 and 33 turbos. I must be destined to be a donk. I'm taking an online break at least until after OKIE-VEGAS

I've got my neighborhood game this Friday if anyone wants to come up to the boonies for some SNG and cash action.

I think I finally have my regulars trained. It took 2 years, but now we play a $20 and $40 SNG, last month the $40 SNG turned into a rebuy for the first 2 levels when I got fucked by a 4 outer on the first hand. I laid into my opponent for a good 10 minutes, and they let me rebuy cause I'm such a crybaby.

I usually do not give the bad plays much mind, since I want that action 99% of the time. But this guy should have known better, and he admitted it was a horrible call. The famous "I thought you were bluffing" excuse. My response "So you call a 'bluff' with nothing but a horrible Q-high gutshot???? GTFO!!!"

Anywho, the pot got up to a juicy $800 bucks and I ended up taking 3rd. So the poker gods repaid me for their insolence.

We also play some version of HE or OH/8 for $1/$2 for the bust outs. To say this game is juicy is an understatement. There is lots of gambling going on, to which Butch can attest.

I spent the rest of the weekend playing with the kids, upset that I missed Kaja's game as the wife was out of town for a wedding.

I'm still planning on doing a Second Annual APBT late August or Early September, once I nail down a weekend and tell (get permission from) the wife. I'll let everyone know.


KajaPoker said...

I sure hope the APBT will end up being in August instead of September as I will probably be away then.

And damn, you missed a huge game last friday. And a ton of blogahs showed up. I think now the only one I haven't met is CC. But he's off running interviews with world champions....

BrainMc said...

APBT 2, This Time It's Personal! Sweet! Too bad you couldn't make it Friday. I have added Kaj's game to my poker routine.