Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up and ghey bloggers football

Hello Kids, the below post was a dedication to myself for Friday. I was and played like a drunken lemur, fun was had.

I made it over to Brain's neighborhood on Saturday to play in his neighborhood game. I was tired, and unfocused and got a last minute invite to a cash game in my hood..... Excuses excuses.

I didn't play too badly. I got flushed by a shortstack when I flopped presto, then over committed with QJs on a board with Q98 one spade. Brain took me down with KK.

I didn't necessarily want to wait for the cash game, so I high-tailed it back up north to my buddy Matts house. They weren't playing poker, they were playing beer-pong.

I had a great time watching the end of the football games and playing some pong. After awhile we walked over to Alan's and attempted to play some cards, but everyone was too drunk. They eventually just shipped their chips to me in

I lazed around Sunday and watched the pros go at it, more fun was had..all in all a pretty low key weekend.

In Chad's blogger fantasy league I racked up the most points I have all season and I will need them heading into tonight's game. Don has Moss and NE's defense going tonight and he is about 50 points behind me. Normally I'd be happy, but you just never know with Moss and the horrible Raven's offense. Wish me luck.

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Schaubs said...

Congrats on the win, looks like I didn't need Don to beat in order to make the playoffs. Hopefully we see each other in the finals.

You going to Vegas?