Friday, December 14, 2007

Sometimes you suck, sometimes you blow.

I managed to do both last night.

I played very well for the first half of the chasers last night staying in the top 15 or so for a long time. I made a move in position against an unknown player. Unfortunately he couldn't lay down mid pair and I went through the roof.

I don't know who boof diggity is, but I was a complete tool to him and I feel really bad about it. So anyway, if you happen to read this boof, I apologize for being a dick. I made a move and it didn't work.

I should know better, I've earned my loose-agg image and deserve to be called by ATC.

So there ya go..I feel better now.

APBT II is tomorrow and I am super stoked. I'll post the structure up in a bit.

1 comment:

KajaPoker said...

i've seen boof dig playing some of the blogaments.

I am also super stoked for tomorrow night. post the structure already.