Monday, December 10, 2007

APBT II Roll Call

Five days to go!! Sure, it's no Vegas but I am stoked to have a great group coming to sling some cards in north bumblefuck ATL.

First up, my friendly local bloggers and friends who have officially confirmed for the game.

Duh, it's my house. I've refined my own version of selective donkery, you'll never see me coming! I will have some sort of bounty on myself, I just haven't come up with anything yet.

Surf is supremely gifted and is once again my pick to win in hopes that my horrible luck slides his way.

If you crack his aces watch out for the size 12 Israeli combat boots to your gullet. You have been warned.

Big balla' is coming this time..hide your wallet!!

Brian is tired of beating the noobs in his neighborhood so he has to test his mettle against the best. Maybe he should go to Tunica??

Butch Howard
Quiet, methodical, and deadly. Butch only comes from the confines of his home to put a beat down on bloggers. If he bets, run RUN FAST!

Todd D
Ex-blogger and the smartest guy at the table....just ask him!

the surly poker gnome
Mark is coming in from halfway around the world, what's your excuse for missing this??

Other-wise known as TripJax's brother. He's a solid player who is a regular at the MOOK. Obviously my vote for Gigli.

The following have said yes or maybe but have not sent in the blood signed parchment.

I've decided that Kelly is a Ninja or works for the CIA. If he hands you a drink, kindly pass.

Sham once showed me a video of him making love to my wife, and it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Sham can drink his weight in Jager Bombs. Sham's shit is currency in Argentina. One of these statements is true!

Coming back to the ATL after final tabling the WPBT winter gathering. Wonder where he will observe more donkeys?

Aaron's been a little busy lately with a new family member. He is prepared to show everyone he is a force to be weary of.

He survives on Goat-cheese and Oil of Olay. Keep him away from livestock and small children!

Craig has yet to admit that he invented Webkinz, aimed at bankrupting middle class families everywhere. I saw a notebook on his desk entitled World Domination: Phase 1 Complete.

Francase is secretly stalking all ATL bloggers in hopes of collecting scalps. Keep your hat on!

Aaron's wife, she's cute as a button and quiet, she will lull you to sleep and go for the kill.

The Dutch Oven -
Played last year and put on a clinic in the second game.

Mary - Butch's Wife
If I say something nasty about her I just may go directly to hell.

Obviously, if you do not see your name above and want to come, then drop me a line. I like the idea of at least 2 full tables, so if you want to bring a guest also let me know.


TripJax said...

Loves me some goat cheese and children.

My bro's blog url is...

No way he's Gigli...never pick someone who drives 2+ hours for Gigli. Pick the noob down the street instead who can be home in minutes!

KajaPoker said...

Are you in Trip or are you chikiiiiin? Buck-bwak-buckak!!!

Ski - did you invite Aposec (Francase):

He's good people, plays with Brain, Surf and I from time to time.

Francase said...

I hadn't responded yet, I'm probably in, but not 100% sure yet.

23skidoo said...

Trip, my wry sense of humor must be above you. My contention was that since he is a solid player he would be the first out. I'm ironical like that.

So are you coming or what?

Kaj, Francase has been added.

TripJax said...

No can do fellas. Jax's birthday may be today, but his birthday party is Saturday. I'll advise Chapel to stray from his normal play and donk it up a tad just to make it feel like I'm there.

Have fun yo's...

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mowenumdown said...

Dang, you blew my cover.