Sunday, December 16, 2007

APBT II and weekend wrapup

Well, before I got too tipsy last night I promised Kat a somewhat coherent recap of the evening's events. I'm not sure if I can promise that now, but I'll give it a shot.

I'll set the table with my Friday night.

The wife and I were invited to wine club and we made it for the first time. I'm a closet wine snob so this was great for me. I spent 3 years as a wine steward at The Cloister in the early nineties.

We had a pacific northwest theme and I decided to focus on Willamette Valley. Oregon is Pinot country so I selected a Pinot Gris from King Estate (my families' vineyards wink wink)and Willlamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Of course I HAD to taste all 14 of the wines available and woke up Saturday morning with a massive wine hangover. LEMON

I was dragging ass, but I had a lot to do, so I cleaned up the basement and ran to the store. I also had to semi-entertain the kids cause the wife was writing a paper for her last final of the semester.

At about 5pm I called my buddy JewFro to help with the table, but his sister came into town early from Connecticut to dodge the horrible weather. Long story short, he could not come to the game OR help me get my table from the clubhouse. LEEEMMMOON

I proceeded to call everyone I know within a 10 mile radius and every single one of them was busy or not answering. Finally I got in touch with Todd and got him to come a little early to help carry my 1400 pound table.

Somehow upon getting the table into the van we ripped one of the legs out of the bottom of the table, however I was able to re-screw the leg back into the base.

Kajagugu, BrainMc, Surf, Sham and Gnome were at the house when we rolled up and got a good chuckle as Todd and I struggled with the table, but everyone pitched in with the chairs and getting the chips set up.

We chatted for a bit and waited on ChapelHill and if I remember correctly his uncle. I probably don't remember correctly as I could not remember his name, we decided to call him Buddy and he didn't mind at all.

I decided to go ahead and push the start back to 8:30 to let the our travelers make their way through the crappy weather and traffic. Eventually everyone had arrived and we ended up with 12.

Table 1 had Butch, Gnome, Doug ( a pokercats arena regular), ChapelHillnc, Buddy, and Kajagugu.

On table 2 we had Todd, Francase, Sham, Myself, Brain and George.

As you can see by the post yesterday I tried to design a structure to enable lots of play early on and added a rebuy to save for bad beats, such as the one ChapelHill had when his Aces were busted by threes.

All of the rebuy action was happening on table 1 with additional rebuys by Buddy and Kaja. The only rebuy on table 2 was Todd right near the end of the rebuy period. When I managed to dodge his straight and heart draws with a set of Kings.

All the other players made it through 3 levels and opted for the add-on. As I predicted, ChapelHill got Gigli when I believe his Queens were cracked shortly after the first break.

Kaja didn't make it much longer and we consolidated to one table. I've completely forgotten when and where we lost sham, but he was next out. Maybe it has something to do with the empty bottle of crown I have...

The final table had Brain in the 1 seat followed by buddy, todd, surf, gnome, francase, doug, dougs massive chip stack, me, and butch.

In the fifth round we lost 2 short stacks todd and francase with even more chips ending up in front of me....unfortunately doug had so many chips they were spilling over to me.

The double bubble lasted a long time while I slowly bled chips I could not get a single playable hand, the cards and chips were migrating to Doug and he was skillfully using both.

I got away from a big hand with george when I held AQ and completely missed the flop. he even showed me the Aces. I pushed with 45c and took the blinds and antes, then pushed again with 33 and got beat by surf's A6. Double bubble boy LEMON

Butch got the bubble and I joined the cash game. Here's the results:

A big congrats goes to Doug, I guess he is required to start a blog then.

More fun was had playing a cash game, Kaja stacked me then left, I took it out on gnome when I gambooled on a flush draw and hit. Sorry gnome, I really thought I was donating man. Everyone was good and tired and the group slowly disbanded, ending up around 2:30 or so.

I REALLY appreciate everyone who made it out. It was a horrible night to be driving, but I hope you all had a good time. I hope to see you again next year.

Here are some pics:

Cash table- Francase, Sham, ChapelHillnc, Todd, Buddy, Kajagugu and his finger.

Todd says: "Watch these get cracked."

Final 6: Butch, BrainMc, Surf, Gnome, Doug, Me.

The final hand: the Kuro is no goot vs the AsianJew.

Your winner: Doug. Showing off the final of his litany of aces.


kurokitty said...

Very nice post! Wish I didn't have to work!

BWoP said...

Somebody won a tourney with the Asian Jew? That man is my hero.

My hero standings:

1. That guy who won the tourney with the Asian Jew.
2. Al Can't Hang.
3. F-Train.

BrainMc said...

Thanks again for hosting. It's hard to believe it has been a year since we said "let's do this again, soon." Hey, let's do this again soon.

surflexus said...

Thanks for hosting! I had a great time!

Peter said...

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Gnome said...

Great tourney! Thanks for having me. I had fun and it was good to meet you. Your poker setup is pretty sweet.