Monday, December 10, 2007

Manattan Transfer

...or To there and back again...or donkey poker...or a week(end) wrap up.

When we last checked in with our hero he was headed to the largest city on earth to make his monthly visit and to call upon past acquaintances.

Acquaintances were met, drinks were consumed, donkey poker was played. All-in-all, a successful venture.

One is reminded time and time again of the tenuous nature of this game of chance one chooses as a hobby. Being enlightened, one can understand how little control one has over the turn of a card. Indeed, one can be virtually guaranteed to be aghast at decisions other players can make and be disheartened.

It rails against all knowledge of 'correct' and 'proper' etiquette a seasoned player observes when the uninitiated prevails over time honored 'truths'.

In these rare instances it is not in the best interest of the initiated to coach, direct or deride the mistake, but to learn and add to one's understanding in order to adjust future actions and reactions.


I hope all the Vegas-bound bloggers enjoyed themselves this weekend. I further hope your brains and pocketbooks have remained in-tact.

I fixed a nice dinner for the wife on Saturday and enjoyed a peaceful kid-less meal with my beloved. It was truly the highlight of my weekend.

We went to 2 holiday parties this weekend, (whoo hooo)I drank until my equilibrium was diminished, then drank a little bit more.

What is old was new again and what was new is now old, the cycle turns and turns and turns...

I'll work on the APBTII roll-call tonight, it's shaping up to be a nice little tourney.

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