Thursday, July 20, 2006

yadda yadda yadda

2 blogger events - 2 cashes
10 sng's - 1 cash


I suppose them's the breaks.

I had a great chance to get a 1st in the 45 that I cashed in. Three handed I get AKc. Pushmonkey in front of me goes all in K9 off. And you guessed it King on the flop, nine on the turn. I was not surprised at all. At least I cashed in a 11+1 and I'm on the board.

I've deviated from my original plan regarding which SNG's I'd play. So far I've been in 2 - 11+1 turbo's, 4- 5+.50's, 3- 1+.20's and a 6+.50turbo. My highest rank before the 3rd place was 26. Ugh. Now I have to cash in at least 3 out of my 7 last tries to have any hope of making the top 4.

Entries = -56.10
Wins = +77.00
= +20.90 wo0t!

In the mook last night I was on freaking fire. I had a HUGE lead coming into the final table, but was unable to take it home primarily due to TripJax constant pressure, secondly, due to my innate inability to catch a reasonable hand at the right time. Congrats to Jax, he was also on fire coming into the final table and let his aggression take care of the rest.

I must admit, near the end of the mook I was not in top form. I had taken a muscle relaxer earlier and was feeling no pain. I know I was at a blogger cash table too, but have no idea how much I lost there, but I'm sure I lost. And just in case you think I take muscle relaxers for fun, I've had a spasm in my back for the past 3 days and really needed a reprieve from the pain. I hate taking medicine, but I was practically in tears and ibuprofen wasn't cutting it.


mowenumdown said...

Great finish in the Mookie !!!

TripJax said...

Having held 1st for so long that tourney, I admit I was surprised when we hit the final table and you had such a big stack. I had gone from about 16k to 10k rather quickly just before the final table so I was reeling a bit. Still, I kept at the uber-aggro and it worked this time.

I had a great time man, thanks.

Um, can you send me some muscle relaxers?