Friday, July 14, 2006


Played in the WWDN not tonight and played fairly well. I made a questionable call with KQd vs Chris's QQ and got the K on the flop.

I can't really defend my play there, just that he had gone in on the previous hand and I felt he had maybe good mid pairs or Ax. I know Chris is a solid player, and I made a bad call and got rewarded. What else can I say?

Then, 4 handed, I made a really stupid call vs Guin with 98c to be the bubble boy. All I can say is that I was slightly distracted.

I had joined a satellite to the 150 Guaranteed WSOP packages tourney and by the time the final table of the WWDN NOT, I was at the final table of the satellite. I was 3rd in chips and top 3 got a ticket. Long story short, I lasted to the final 3 and got my ticket to the single largest buy in tourney I have ever been in.

So now the problem I use my lottery ticket to try and get another lottery ticket, or cash out?

Every fiber of my being says sell the W$ and be happy with a nice chunk of change ($370W$) for my efforts. Actually that’s the non gambler rational Brian. The donk monkey risk taker says, play and win. Why not? Honestly it’s a very tough call.

So, if you are a fair poker player who never risks more than ~200 or so in any game of poker, do you play a $350 tourney with 2500+ to try and get to the largest poker game in history, or do you pass, and take the easy way out?

I have 2 days to figure that out.

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mowenumdown said...

Nice finish on the qualifier! No doubt on what I do, I play the tournament. You didnt get in the qualifier with the thoughts of not winning it did you? Do the same with the big event.