Tuesday, July 25, 2006

busy busy

I wanted to update that post a bit earlier and elaborate, but I've been pretty busy today. I was so freaking fried last night after that tournament, it was truly the most grueling final table I've been in in a long time. I totally effed up the screenshot of the beginning of the final table where I had a majority of the chips in play.

The ironic part of it is that I had just watched the WSOP circuit event in New Orleans with Gavin Smith the other night. Gavin came into that final table with a HUGE stack and kept plugging away at opponents, seemingly regardless of his cards. Unfortunately for him his aggression got the better of him and he wound up taking second.

I was determined to win this one.

When we got 4 handed I still had a massive lead over perennial MATH final tabler DrRaz(get a blog you poof), Don the weak tight pushmonkey (just kidding don), and mowenMRTIGHTumdown. DrRaz was picking off blinds, playing my role for me as I dodged and weaved. Kelly took a tough beat by don to be bubble boy, and I figured things would be over quickly. I was sadly mistaken.

The lead probably changed at least 5 times, 3 handed I got as low as ~T5000 chips, but I was finally able to dispatch Don. Heads up was truly a battle. You may recall last week TripJax and I were heads up and in the mook and I could not keep up with the aggression. This weeks MATH was very similar, however this week everytime I made a stand, I made a hand, almost every time as an underdog. I put a few seriously bad beats on Raz before finally making it through. I was spent, no other way to describe it.

Thanks alot to the ATL homies, My brother (king1112), KJ, surf, and
todd for the encouragement, it does mean alot.


TripJax said...

I had just watched the same circuit event the night before the mook and it really did inspire my play. I'm aggressive, but I played very aggressive that night and it luckily worked out...

Regardless...nice job with final tables lately...

surflexus said...

Great job B!!! Have fun on your excursion!!!

cc said...

Nice run, skidoo. Well done!